How is your browser working?

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Mighty Pete
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You know what the problem could be is the java cache size. I don't know if people ever look but the default size of the java cache is unlimited.. Not my first choice that I would pick.. That could give you problems if it's stuffed crammed full. I set my java cache here to 0. You don't have to cache java and it's actually even safer to not cache java. Some sites hide things in the java cache inside encrypted jar files... Things you don't want on your computer anyway. If you set it to zero that cannot happen.

Or the heck with that idea and use Firefox. It works better anyway but I'd still set my java cache size to zero. Yes you have a mac but you would be surprized at what I've found inside of jar files on peoples computers that I've fixed.

Ever had a problem with Cashdent? That's where it hides. All the winders users will go now "Oh that's where that program hides"... If it's set to zero size that can't happen.
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Even though you don't get the window popping up in firefox, I would advise against using it. Every time I click on a track in firefox, it applies that click to the next frame as well. When it's another calibration image after it, I get dinged for missing it and when it isn't, it logs a particle track where there isn't one. If anyone else wants to check theirs, keep an eye on the number of events in your events list and the number of calibration images answered correctly or incorrectly.

I think the pop up window prevents that from happening, so instead of giving the stardust folks a bunch of false positives to look at, I'm using Safari.
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Well i use firefox from the beginning and processed over 8000 real movies and 3000 calibration movies with it without any problems. (and i think over 10% of the volunteers here ;) )
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I've been using Firefox at work on lunch breaks and during slow times, but usually only review 20 movies at a time max. This weekend, for the first time, I've been working at home, and sat down for an extended period of time to look for stardust.

At one point, I got a Java error that said it couldn't load the movie, and I simultaneously got a message that said I was low on system memory. I opened up my task manager, and saw that my Page File Usage (I'm not quite computer literate to know what that is) increases with every movie I review until I run out of memory. Closing Firefox releases that memory and I can start over again.

Are there any gurus out there that have any clues as to what settings I could change to fix this? Is it caching something that it shouldn't? Or what? Thanks in advance!

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cache file size

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Hi Helen,

1. Help --> Help Contents --> type cache in search block --> (look at left side of page) --> click cache options --> (Read for your information)

2. Tools --> Options --> Privacy panel --> Cache tab --> (you can enter how many MB for cache to use)

My cache size in IE is set at 1 MB when dusting. (I believe that is the minimum) See if yours is set high, (above 70MB) Try 1MB or zero if you like for dusting. See what works best for you - see what Mighty Pete recommends above. You can always change it back to 50MB or 70MB.

If this causes a problem with your machine, call Dell and order a new one. I have none for sale. :)


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I'm using Opera 9.02...

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... and it works great. I get the confirmation box, but can't understand why anyone thinks it's a nuisance. I have IE, Firefox and Netscape installed, but prefer Opera when it's compatible.
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