Confirmed tracks ?

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Like to know if any tracks have been confirmed ?

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No, I'm happy just tracking
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Confirmed tracks ?

Post by Denise »

Have there been any confirmed tracks yet? I think that, either way, it would be worth putting it out for discussion. If there have been, then a look would be good, at least for those folk who've looked at a few. And if not, the thoughts from the guys who know would be interesting. Speaking for myself, it wouldn't put me off if there haven't been any yet. Though it might put off some of the "scorers"... :shock:
anyone got the key?
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Post by Nikita »


There are no confirmed canidates to date. Bryan posted a message in regards to this on this thread: ... ight=#8115
Also, some info on what is going on with examining the most likely canidates, see here: ... php?t=1205
Please believe that the Stardust team are doing the best they can to continue to provide new movies, review the top canidates and keep us up to date on their issues.
Thanks for keeping in there, especially with the delays in information! It's people like you who understand that this is science, amazing science, and that makes it worth doing!

I'm locking this because the issue has already been discussed in other threads and we are trying to avoid duplicates.
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