"Status-Not Extraterrestrial-inclusion, WCO".

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"Status-Not Extraterrestrial-inclusion, WCO".

Post by pepperammi »

I just got this one and when I checked it out in my events its already been classified as "Not Extraterrestrial" "inclusion, WCO".

Please forgive my stupidity but why is that still in the databse to be looked at by us?
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Not Extraterrestrial inclusions

Post by Klemek »

Hi, I don't know the answer...
There are two more:
http://stardustathome.ssl.berkeley.edu/ ... d=831163V1
(twice in My Events)
http://stardustathome.ssl.berkeley.edu/ ... =2424717V1
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Post by jcbc »

I think keeping them in there gives the team more information about how we (the dusters) work (what we click on, what we don't, etc.).
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Post by Nikita »

I can't answer for the Stardust team, but my guess is that there are six people working on this at Berkeley with other projects as well. These movies just haven't been removed yet. I don't mind seeing some movies again, or ones that have been checked already if it means they spend their time getting new ones ready or checking further into the most likely canidates. Also, a project like this has never been done before, this might just be one of those little bugs. Again, I may be wrong, it's just my thought.
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Post by Dorsal »

http://stardustathome.ssl.berkeley.edu/ ... d=831163V1 is relatively easy to distinguish as some form of inclusion, because both of the suspect "items" come into focus below the Aerogel surface, but the also go back out of focus as you move the slide lower. That implies both of the "items" have nearly the same depth as their width, or they are essentially round. The focus movie does NOT display any track between the surface and the particles, which also implies they were there within the Aerogel, before it was launched.

The other movie is more difficult to distinguish because the particle doesn't come completely into focus before the movie ends - and we are forced to speculate what would have happened if the focus range had been lower. I would seriously hope the second movie never becomes a calibration movie, as its use would enforce the mindset that we StarDusters will be penalized for clicking any movie that did not ABSOLUTELY, POSITIVELY, INDUBITABLY contain a particle track of extraterrestrial origin.
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