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Project Status

Post by DiamondGirl »

Oh most helpful moderators: 8)

I was spending some time looking over the most recent discussions and got to wondering - where are we in the status of the project as a whole? We can probably get a feel from individual percentages and some notes that have been posted here and there in various discussions, but I was curious as to if / where / when we could get updated information such as:

What's the current scanning status? (I still see an older date on the Update area - any projection on when an updated picture will be up?)

How many "potential" tracks have been identified altogether so far?

How many have passed 1st cut?

On average, what characteristics of positive finds have been most common?

Have we determined any tracks or particles to be definite finds yet?

Out of the tracks that passed first cut, what's the average ratio of total views vs. people who marked it as a track? (IE: 500 views / 100 confirms)

How long do we anticipate the project will take to complete given the current progress rate?

How many searchers have been discovered to be just "clicking through" based on the control movies? Has this been effective?

What's the overall average % of correct vs. incorrect scores on the control movies?
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Post by DustBuster »

Hi DiamondGirl.

The latest is always posted in the UPDATES section of the forum when available.
Many of the questions you listed have been asked or answered there or in other parts of the forum, and some might be more appropriate in the Suggestions thread.

Hope that helps.
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One more thing

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