Quality Check Update - more movies in focus

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Quality Check Update - more movies in focus

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For those following our project since May, you will know that the single most important factor in determining how long the Stardust@home search will take is scanning the aerogel in Houston. See our progress in Picture Perfect

We've had to learn to combat the roughness of the aerogel surface to get movies in focus. We introduced a quality check during data processing at Berkeley to highlight whole tiles that needed to be rescanned. Out of those 14 tiles we've rescanned 2 with another 4 needing to be redone.

Here are the results of 7 more tile quality checks. As before, the more green points, the more in-focus movies. We're doing better than before, now more tiles have more good movies.
We can't eradicate bad focus movies altogether, but we are striving to keep them to a minimum.

key: red = focus too high; blue = too low; black = no focus; white = no data; green = good.
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