Latest Findings: Movie Reviews

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Latest Findings: Movie Reviews

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Here are some of the movies we have picked out to review.

We emphasize that interesting candidates are just that. We have learned from working with the Stardust Cometary collector that it is very difficult to identify tracks while the aerogel is still in the collector frame.
We can only be sure about finding a track once we extract it from the aerogel collector. That will take quite a time. But the task for Stardust@home is to identify the best candidates for us to eventually extract and analyse.

9471219V1 and 4836732V1 are the highest scoring movies which contain good candidates for further study. They may turn out to be aerogel fragments, but these are just the sort of promising features that we are looking for.

Large low-angled track
Movie 8153179V1 does not have a high score, but it was posted on this forum (thanks to Ziggy)! We recognized the long dipping feature as having a striking resemblance to lower velocity tracks we have seen in aerogel that was flown on the Russian space station Mir.
It is an impact track, almost certainly not interstellar. It's trajectory will tell us whether it is likely to be secondary ejecta from the Stardust spacecraft solar panels, or an Interplanetary Dust Particle (IDP).
First click rights go to jimhinkey.

Movie 714410V1 is an example of multiple tiny black dots below the aerogel surface. They are incredibly subtle, but many of you are finding them.
We think they are probably inclusions in the aerogel (from the manufacturing process), partly because they are so numerous, and partly because they look like particles, and not like tracks made by particles. They are less likely candidates to be interstellar, but intriguing nontheless. We have logged the coordinates for a number of these black dots and we will continue trying to verify their origin.

Movies 3404574V1 and 509051V1 come under the "Who ordered that?" variety. Splashes? Zap pits? Fascinating!

This project is only 2 weeks old, and we must congratulate everyone on their amazing efforts. The VM approach is working! We already have some intriguing candidates to look at. Thank you!

Stardust@home team
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