Update 11Aug06: reviewing movies

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Update 11Aug06: reviewing movies

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Many of you have been wondering when and how we are looking at movies that have been clicked on.

Firstly, we've picked out the top 100 movies with the current highest scores, meaning those with the greatest number of agreements, and we've looked at the focus movies.

From those movies we selected a smaller number to look at in the aerogel in Houston. We can do this only when the aerogel is not being scanned, which just leaves a couple of hours per week.

We connect to the microscope in Houston remotely from Berkeley.
At first review, we use the same magnification as for the focus movies, but with much greater control in focus depth.

So far we have passed 9 movies through 1st review. We will then go back for a 2nd review to try and verify the interesting features in these movies.
Since we don't know what interstellar dust tracks look like, we are very conservative about disregarding any of the movies at this early stage.

Several of the top 100 movies show similar features. By reviewing a few of these movies, we can hope to refine our searching strategies in the VM. Learning how to find dust tracks is an iterative process, one in which we all learn as we progress.

We hope you are enjoying taking part in the search for galactic dust. Know that we are regularly adding new focus movies, and will continue to do so over the months that it will take to scan the whole Interstellar Dust Collector.
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