Update: 9 Aug 2006 - New Movies

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Update: 9 Aug 2006 - New Movies

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Tile I007 uploaded last night and the movies were made available this morning [9Aug06]

Tile I033 is uploaded and available for searching [10Aug06]

Many of you following the project since May will already know that scanning thousands of fields of view over the aerogel and producing focus movies is a time consuming task, sometimes requiring re-scans of the same tile.

Data Timelines
1) It takes a day to scan each tile (in Houston) producing about 4000 movies
2) About once a week, the data are sent to Berkeley where we process the raw, uncompressed movies to produce our focus movies for the virtual microscope (VM). That also takes about a day per tile.
3) We then run an automated quality-checking program to decide if we need to rescan the entire tile
http://stardustathome.ssl.berkeley.edu/ ... .php?t=124
4) The focus movies are uploaded to Amazon S3 servers and entered into our database. This takes about half a day.
5) Finally, we update the VM to include the new movies. This step is instant.

Uploads and the launch
We had our fair share of glitches launching Stardust@home last week. You fix one thing and something else gets affected! We were not able to upload any new movies while making some major back-end changes.

Uploads have now resumed and I regularly update 'Picture Perfect' to show our progress. Tiles in green are being searched!
http://stardustathome.ssl.berkeley.edu/ ... c.php?t=78

Best of luck to everyone. Happy Dusting

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