stat padders already?

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And yet I'm the one who's been consistently warning/advising people about some of the callibration movies with very small tracks.
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I don't think this is about missing tracks. From what I've seen most people post here it seems like most of the errors have been that people thought there was a track when there actually wasn't. And that, to me, is better than not seeing a track that was there.
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The researchers are counting on those who view with the most care. That's all that matters. If people feel they are viewing with the most possible accuracy(the only thing that matters), then they are doing the best they can.
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Orion_0169 wrote:Uh huh. Alrighty, since you are yet another person who seems to think they know what is possible or reasonable, I'll ask YOU as well, have you heard of the Reverend Robert Evans?

As for debate, I think I handled your timing suggestion quite well, good people shouldn't be penalised for the inadequacies of others.

This isn't about being defensive. It's about getting people to recognise that sometimes people are simply better at some things.

But hey, maybe you were one of the kids in grade one who needed the clever ones to be shut up so you'd get a chance.

Superiority complex? Again, I won't apologise for other people's inferiority. Apparently you decided on number three... try to drag people down.

So, go look up the name I mentioned.

Then, try to be more supportive and encouraging. try to remember what brought people here.

first i just want to say that i am not accusing you or anyone else of cheating but i gotta ask you this: are you saying that i am inferior meaning i am of of low rank or importance to you? Simply because it doesn't take me one second to go through a focus movie. Or maybe because i don't know who Reverend Robert Evans is, and by the way i don't think i'll look it up. I'm not going to do something just because someone says i should.

and one last thing calling people inferior doesn't really sound so supportive and encouraging to me, but that's just my "lowly and inferior" opinion.
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