Calibration Movie Issue

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Maybe you guys are just MISSING, and not clicking close enough.

There is a reportd bug with some version of MSIE reporting bad clicks even in the training (which, unlike the calibration, is repeatable).

Switching to almost any other browser fixes the mis-point problem.

OH, and on more thing. Its useless to post calibration numbers except to alert the admins, because you can not call up and view a a calibration movie on demand like you can a real movie. Keying in those same numbers will call up a real movie. (This per the admins in another thread).

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Etalon wrote:Im using firefox, and I didnt know there was a confirmation dialog :)
Not in firefox. I've seen it only in Konqueror.
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icebike wrote:Maybe you guys are just MISSING, and not clicking close enough.
No, I am one hundred percent positive I am clicking on the track, so it has got to be a bug of some sort.
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I had an obvious track on a calibration movie, but it marked it wrong. I realized when I pushed OK that I think I clicked a few microns to the left of the track (a millimeter or two on the screen). Would that have made a difference? Would it explain any of your bad answers? I'm going to make sure I click right in the middle of the track from now on. :)
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This topic is now located in the following thread:

"I answered a calibration movie right but was scored wrong".
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