Please: More depth for not flat/horizontal surface slices

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Please: More depth for not flat/horizontal surface slices

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Special for the staff of the project:

I did have some movies (by example 48472B and 40273B) which has a sloped surface or very irregular surface. You can do a good scan for only a part of the image and say if there is a track or not. The other part can not be seen deep enough.

If you say "bad focus" a rescan will not give a better movie.

SUGGESTION: Make a rescan but with double increments in depth so 40 pictures ranging 280 micron in depth. (In fact: make a new movie out of two movies which have different depth. Take first (20 times) every 2-nd image out of the top movie after that take in the same way the 20 other images from the lower movie.)
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