"I think I've found a track, what do you think?" A

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There is a small speck, but I'm not sure it's track...
the moon
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Can't be a track because it goes back out of focus further down. A track will always be in focus in the last frame because even the smallest track will extend lower then any of these focus depths, or so they tell us.

I see these "below surface dots" in about 1 in 25 of the movies. I hope they comment on them soon because there's nothing about them in the tutorial.
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Post by WeBeGood »

Logan wrote:The movie ID # is 42078
Looks like three objects below the surface in 42078.
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Lomic wrote:Looks similar to the one I just found, if these are tracks, they're coming up pretty fast.

http://stardustathome.ssl.berkeley.edu/ ... e_id=41876
Yeah, three in this one. Maybe Earthdirt, instead of Stardust.
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blarrrg 32744

Post by rick5050 »

looked at 32744. lower right looks like it may be elevated or (depressed)causing different focal field. i would also have called that a track. how did you copy a vm movie for your post?
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Post by dd »

OK, I understand better now ;-) Thanks for the nice explanation; I was not aware that there may be contaminants inside the aerogel.
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Post by m4rk3r67 »

I can't figure out how to copy a movie url either (properties only shows link to jpg image that you're currently viewing). But, you can specify which movie you want to view by using the first portion of his url...

http://stardustathome.ssl.berkeley.edu/ ... ?movie_id=

...and then filling in the movie ID of the one that you want to watch after the '=' at the end of the url. The movie ID is noted below the right corner of the movie was you're watching it (to the right of your stats).

BTW, if you want to put a hyperlink into a post in this forum, type it in, select it, and then click the URL button that's above the message body text box that you type your message in.

Hope that helps.
Dave Burbank
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I count 9!!

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Take a look at this movie http://stardustathome.ssl.berkeley.edu/ ... e_id=42006; a bunch of 'specks' come into view towards the lower focal range. With this many objects in such a small area I have to think that they are impurities in the aerogel (but I hope they are tracks), that, or a dust particle fragmented just before colliding with the aerogel and the pieces remained close together.

Either way I reported it, as it is pretty odd, and quite interesting. Oh yeah, as for the nine 'specks' I see, six of them form clear points, while the other three form rings as if they are about to come into focus, but the movie runs out.

Happy Hunting

EDIT: Here's another one with what looks like 5
http://stardustathome.ssl.berkeley.edu/ ... e_id=41804
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Dont think its a track but worth a look!!!

Post by Solkos »

I have a 21 inch monitor and set my resolution to 800 X 600 and it works very well for spotting this stuff...

Sadly this image has only 2 flags out of 18 people but check out the lower middle/right part. There is a wave structor just under 50 microns long. If you look at the hole in that structure, and go down in focus, you can see that the hole goes down!!! An extention to the tunnel that goes deeper can be seen if you go down to the lowest focus and look just above the top wave of the orrigional structure. It is exremely faint so look hard. Let me know what you think. My theory is whatever pushed its way hit so hard that it created waves that stayed.

I dont think 2 flags out of 18 people will move on to the scientists so if anyone can contact one, I think this unique image is very importaint!

http://stardustathome.ssl.berkeley.edu/ ... e_id=22890
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Post by endust »

Until the Stardust team tell us that particles/specks embedded in the aerogel (with no obvious track) are NOT an anomaly we should treat it as one. The motto is "expect the unexpected" and I think these qualify.

Re: Dont think its a track but worth a look!!!

Post by icebike »

Solkos wrote:
I dont think 2 flags out of 18 people will move on to the scientists so if anyone can contact one, I think this unique image is very importaint!

http://stardustathome.ssl.berkeley.edu/ ... e_id=22890
Not that unique. I've seen several of those. They look like a particle entered the gel at a lower angle than the camera is viewing from.

Since the purpose is to recover the dust, and track might lead to the dust its probably good to report it.

False Positives are better than false negatives. But 5000 sets of eyes will sift the evidence.

Visable track in movie: 44485A

Post by RedXevious »

I'm pretty sure I saw a very small track in this movie, but I accidentially hit "No Track" so it didn't get marked. Also, I'm very sure it wasn't a Calibration Movie because the track was much much smaller than the ones in the Calibration Movies, and my "Incorrect Answers" didn't change after I clicked No Track, so it obviously wasn't a Calibration Movie.

Just thought I'd point this out to the admins.

EDIT: Also, another possible track in 10358A.
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Post by icebike »

[quote="cthiker" One thing that was consistent from all of the training movies was that a track never goes out of focus as you go deeper (makes sense - the track should go way in to the aerogel and we're only looking down a few microns). [/quote]

Go back and take the training again. Also look as the sample page.

The training samples are not all as you indicate. Several of them as well as several calibration movies show track that do in fact disappear.

Further, particles can enter at an angle other than that which the movies are photographed. There were several samples of this in the training.
These are the most likely type to leave a spec in the middle of the gel with no clear track that remains in focus.

The object is to recover the dust trapped inside. Tracks are just a means to that end.
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Post by gavin42g »

In my amateur opinion, that does look like the kind of thing that people have been seeing. I'm sure someone else saw it too though.

Post by RedXevious »

There's also a possible track in 10358A too.
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