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Post by buddhabuddha »

Thought it would be fun to start a thread where folks just signing up can introduce themselves or say something to everyone.

I'll go first...

I'm so excited to participate in this project I can't stand it! I feel like Charlie in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory looking for a golden ticket!!

Something from outer space is now on earth and we all get to help find it. Can you imagine being the person, after countless hours of scanning, seeing something that looks different. Then, focusing and refocusing again and again. Then, realizing you might have one and getting really excited and sending it in!!??? Wahoooooo! How cool is this?
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Post by DustBuster »

Welcome "BB".

Please browse the threads and you'll see what's being discussed- throw out an opinion if you like, everyone here is fairly open-minded and happy to either agree or disagree with you... but make no mistake- EVERYBODY here is just as eager and enthusiastic as you are about the StarDust@Home project. Glad to have you with us! (Do we rub your belly for good luck?)
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Post by buddhabuddha »

Thanks for the welcome Dustbuster. With everyone on the message board so far, it looks like this should be a great adventure. Are you with the project or just an average Joe lilke me?

How is everyone else doing who might be reading this thread? Shall we start a pool to see who can can guess when the "we're ready" e-mail gets sent to everone to the closest minute?
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Post by DustBuster »

I'm just a (pardon the yet-to-be-agreed upon term) "dust bunny" or part of the "Dust Mob".

As for the project getting underway, I put my money on 9:47am tomorrow morning, but you won't know about it until 10:23am.

I'll wager mattp has worked all weekend on the mailing list (which is my guess why they stopped pre-registration; since they now are going to have to send out 115k+ emails that say "GO" (initiate@9:56am/completion@10:14am)) he will send them once he updates the system to go 'live' (9:47am) so it will be ready when you get the email (10:23am).
That's assuming he is not a Starbucks guy and gets in early at 8:41am so he can start a pot of coffee.

Anyone else?
Acid Flash Gordon
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Another "newbie"

Post by Acid Flash Gordon »

I only recently found out about this project. I had been active in the SETI@home project until my "old" computer decided to go the way of the asteroid that killed the dinosaurs (it crashed and burned...literally burned). With my odd-hours work schedule, it took a while to get the beast rebuilt. I'm looking forward to being able to get involved in the search, if registration after the movies are released is continued. This project is very different from the SETI project because it's interactive, so to speak, and I can see that finally getting DSL will be a big help.
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Post by omega »

Hi there,

Today I found an email in the message box that the search will begin today.
Month ago, in the same minute when I read about this project in the newspapers I signed in in the mail-list. I'm really looking forward to participate in this project, although I have no idea if I have any chance to find something or if my patience will hold out.

A short introduction to my person:

I live in the northern part of Germany. I'm a 48 mother of two boys, married to a math and physics teacher. Our family is very interested in natural science, but also in music.
I like to take part in sweepstakes and competitions and can call myself a lucky winner very often.

That would be over the top if I could manage to find some stellar dust in this project, we'll see 8)
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Post by Hawkwings »

Wow, I predict this thread being flooded soon, as the email recipients flock here.

Anyways, a little about me.

I'm 16, currently attending high school. I live in Oregon, and I found out about this project in an article in Popular Science a few months back. I've been interested/obsessed with space and all aspects of it since I was a little kid, and I'm excited to be helping out with this project.

Now, if this would just get started...
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Post by DiamondGirl »

Hi, all. I'm DiamondGirl - you may have seen me here and there. I've been watching the boards since late May, although not posting as much as some. :)

I'm 36, from Upstate New York (Syracuse area), and work for a company that provides data services to Utility Companies throughout the US. I'm also a writer/novelist, and have done extensive research into natural science for some of the books I've written, including abysopaleogic microorganisms (creatures living at VERY deep levels at the bottom of the ocean). I suppose on some level I'm just a geek who ended up in an alternate line of work, but the idea of having any part, no matter how small, in finding something never seen before... well, it's sort of like getting to be the photographer on a mission where they find a new plant life or bones of a dinosaur never before found. It's just all new and exciting. Sure, I'm anticipating hours of eye-watering, mind-numbing search, but heck, I'm just a treasure hunter at heart. ;-)

aka DiamondGirl
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Post by buddhabuddha »

Good luck searching for dust omega, hawkwings and diamondgirl!
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Post by Schlockading »

Thought I'd sticky this.

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Post by SeaJewel »

I just registered to this forum so I won't be rude and will introduce myself as well :)

So, I'm 20, from Poland, studying economics and because my vacation became a total diseaster I am veeeery bored, so I thought I'll do sth useful for the science at least ;)
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Post by DustBuster »

Greetings SeaJewel.

We're glad to have you! If you have any questions, feel free to ask. Have a look around, many questions have been posed/answered already.
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Post by Merovingian »

I'd thought I'd say hi, too. I'm 17, from Juneau, Alaska. I heard about this a couple days ago on a different forum that I moderate, and really wanted to try it out. :D
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Post by gavin42g »

Hi, I'm from the Okanagan valley in British Columbia, Canada. For the life of me, I can't remember where I heard of this from. I run BOINC though, so maybe I Googled "@Home" to find some new projects; it sounds like the kind of thing I'd do.

Well, however I arrived here, I'm glad I jumped on the bandwagon early on. It's interesting to follow a community effort like this from its beginning, where the rough edges are smoothed out and the good ideas bubble up.

A pre-emptive congratulations to those who find actual tracks, and also to others who, like me, are becoming increasingly adept at finding spent Van de Graaf ammunition.
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Post by Wolter »

Welcome aboard Merovingian and gavin42g. It's a great treasure hunt and nice to see the @Home community willing to spend something far better then CPU cycles.

Happy hunting
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