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Post by enokh »

hello Danz
please I wanted to know what it's like this written

real I1126N 2151 0 2

because I found it in the list of a movie that I reported

thank you
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Re: clarification

Post by voyager1682002 »

Hi Dan,

I have the following movies with similar comments:

real I1126N_3 3_2970 2 1

real I1126N_2 2_1701 0 1

real I1126N 1657 2 0

real I1126N 4650 2 2

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Re: clarification

Post by SmithES »

Hey, Guys, I have dozens of those movies in my Events that begin with "real" as well. I am guessing they are the movies we've clicked that have had craters inserted by the staff. I checked my Events the last time I found one and, lo and behold, another "real" movie number had been added. Just guessing. Evelyn (SmithES, ERSTRS) :shock:
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Re: clarification

Post by caprarom »

I would hazard a guess that these designations are associated with non-calibration (i.e., "real") shots from the recent batch that Robert uploaded for us to review. If we click on shots from the first batch he uploaded, we don't see those designations. That's why you probably won't find them in the top portion of your events log. That's just my guess. If correct, I'd also guess it's a glitch that the team will want to correct.

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Re: clarification

Post by DanZ »

Per Robert our main tech:
So those numbers are the location in the collector and they shouldn't see them. They will be removed. And yes they are only on the second batch of movies.
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