Phase 7, Update

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Phase 7, Update

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Dear Dusters,

Sorry some of the bugs reported have not been dealt with yet. We had an issue with the database that needed our full attention, but it has now been resolved.

We are currently testing the email system that informs you of your missed power movies. We’ll most likely turn it on this Monday, August 25th. Please note, by sending these e-mails, we’ll be clearing your missed power movie list (which you can find by going to the My Events page). The next e-mail that goes out on missed power movies you receive (the first one sent in Phase 7) will list all of your missed power movies to date in Phase 7. If you want to keep an archive of ALL your missed power movies, you’ll need to save this email and every email that follows.

We are working on the bug that logs you out when you leave the VM temporarily and go to the new home pages (or any other web page). However, it’s not straight forward how to fix this problem, so it may take a little longer.

We also added a Top 50 Power Scores page here and fixed other ranking pages as well. We are currently working on the Phase 6 rankings. We may post them in an unformatted version first.

Thank you very much for your patience in this time of exciting change!
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