Movie Queries

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Movie Queries

Post by Astrosurf »

Hi all, my first post!

I have two questions:

I've clicked on many movies where I thought there was a track but only 4 have so far registered on my account. Have the others failed to register or is there a delay?

I have an increasing number of Power Movies Missed listed but I'm not sure what to do with these! What do I do?

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Re: Movie Queries

Post by SmithES »

Hello Astrosurf, welcome to the forums! I may be able to help a little---I've posted my stats below and will comment on them later. As to your Question #1, when you click on a movie there are three possibilities. A) it has no track, B) it does have an inserted track, & C) it has a real track.
A) if it has no track and you click on it, it will go into "My Events." You will find "My Events" at the top of the Virtual microscope window. Check out the My Events page for those movies. These movies may or may not have a real track in them, but administration will check them out.
B) If the movie does have an inserted track---one that the staff has put in it for us to find----and you click on that track, then credit will be given for finding the inserted track. Your Skill will rise, and so will your Power Score. If you miss the inserted track, then you are penalized, and "Power Movies Missed" will increase in number every time you miss an inserted track.
C) If you think a movie has a real track---and you click on it, it will go into your "My Events," to be checked out by administration.

As for your Question # 2, "increasing number of Power Movies missed---what to do with them?" The answer is nothing. You can't modify your stats at all. My stats show that I missed 188 Power Movies out of 1508 Power Movies viewed. Those are the current statistics I've racked up, and they can't be changed. Facts are facts. However, Skill score can be changed, and that is what I am most interested in----the accuracy of my dusting skills. Power Score is the total number of Movies viewed. Hope this helps. Keep dusting, you'll get the hang of it. It's really fun.

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Re: Movie Queries

Post by DanZ »

Thanks Evelyn, nicely put!

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