Phase 4

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Chuck Crisler
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Phase 4

Post by Chuck Crisler »

I logged in last night and tonight (Tuesday, 6/28/11 and Wednesday, 6/29/11). Tonight I noticed the announcement of Phase 4 and the highlevel differences to expect/anticipate (including tracks that are 'invisible' - don't we already have those??? :-)). Then I started dusting. There were quite a few movies that seemed significantly different Wed. night than previously. Previously, in Ph. 3, you could almost 100% tell a calibration movie by the contrast and color. Tonight there were several movies with that contrast and color that I wasn't docked for missing, nor was I rewarded for not selecting anything either. I am quite sure that I am not mis-perceiving these movies. It looks like some of the Ph. 4 movies have gotten released 'prematurely'.

I am happy that the calibration movies will be more diverse. I have tried to be both good to picking the calibration movies (though my score is dreadful because it took me quite a long and frustrating time to learn to pick them out) yet truly look for 'interesting' features. It seems from the description that the new scoring system may provide a more appropriate feedback to dusters. I complained back in Ph. 2 that the calibration movies were really training movies but was roundly chastised (twice?) that they were only for calibrating dusters' potential performance, definitely not for training. The intro to Ph. 3, however, agreed with my claim.

It is a shame that there is so much pompus budget slashing resulting in significant cuts to valuable projects plus some really great competition (zooniverse). I hope that we can get through the next couple of years and that the situation will improve. Imagine, taking just 0.1% of the profits of just 1 Wall St. mogul/crook would fund this project for a long time.

Chuck Crisler
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Re: Phase 4

Post by DanZ »

Hi Chuck,

Glad you are eager for Phase 4 and can join us. And so far, our budget (what it is at least) is holding :lol:

Looking forward to seeing you in the new rankings!

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