IMPORTANT: Phase III to IV Transition

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IMPORTANT: Phase III to IV Transition

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We are going offline for 1 week starting July 4, 2011 while we get ready for the major relaunch of Phase IV on July 11, 2011. As before, we will save all of your scores and ranking from Phase III and display them on the Phase IV community pages.

A little about Phase IV:

This next search phase takes a fundamentally new approach to “dusting.” There will be dramatically improved feedback. Among other things, dusters will be able to get periodic e-mails highlighting missed calibration movies. Calibrations will also be much more diverse and will consist of some of the 54 real tracks that have been found to date, as well as some new man-made shots from Heidelberg. Some tracks will be purposely so small as to be literally invisible. And there will be two independent rankings. One will be your “Power Score,” which is similar in some ways to the old scoring system, except that scores will increase on a scale related to the difficulty of spotting a given track; and you will NOT see your scores go down by taking a chance on an unusual feature. The other score is called “Skill” and is a measure of how often you are able to identify a track when one is presented to you (similar to the old sensitivity). See if you can rise to the top of both rankings!

We are eager to find even more interstellar dust candidates in this new phase. Thank you again for all your hard work. This project would be literally impossible without you!

On behalf of the Stardust@home team
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