doh - I must be stupid - can I be made smart?

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doh - I must be stupid - can I be made smart?

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I have done the training but cannot pass the test. I can identify each track and click on it in the appropriate image but every time I am told 'incorrect'. And yet the arrow points almost invariably to the place I clicked. How sensitive is the mouse placement. This is getting frustrating and I admit I might just be a dummy but this test seems non-sensical...

I need some guidance which I cannot seem to find on the help pages. How can I be getting it wrong when I can pick the images that show tracks from those that do not, click virtually where the arrow is pointing every time but still get it incorrect. I have no feedback to improve upon.

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Re: doh - I must be stupid - can I be made smart?

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Hi icono,

I can help you.

Do this first if possible:
On your machine go to START
then Control Panel     Display      Advanced (near the bottom right hand corner)

Next look at DPI settings (near the middle)

Set the DPI settings to Normal size(96DPI)
Click OK, OK and get out of Control Panel  ------ you should now be fixed.

To test the location of your mouse pointer on a movie go to Tutorial #1.
Pass your mouse pointer to the top left hand corner of the movie shown, then to the bottom right hand corner of that movie.
Check in the bar at the bottom of your screen for some script. When pointer is top left the end of that script will read 2,2 or some small two numbers. When pointer is at bottom right of that movie the script will read a litle less than 499, 374.
The tip of the red arrow is at 260,185 and the track is at 143,191.
If you can do this then take the test and register. During the test, be sure to click the deepest point that the track goes.
The test is working as I just took it myself.

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