Great show, you can watch!!

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Re: Great show, you can watch!!

Post by ERSTRS »

Re: Posts by new member, "Ilinyun."

What's with all the info about DVDs and shows to watch and or buy? Has our Forum turned into commercials for products that have nothing to do with StarDust@Home?
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Re: Great show, you can watch!!

Post by nitram819 »

Scammers scan the whole internet for websites with forum where they can potentially post their ads. Usually they dont care if the site has heavy traffic or not, they just find X amount of message boards websites and massively post their messages to all those sites at once.

And there isn't really any way to stop this, they have ways to hide their real ip address making it impossible to ban their real IP. The only thing we can do is report them and wait for their account/messages to get deleted.
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Re: Great show, you can watch!!

Post by DanZ »

Yes, they're a big headache! The first thing I do every time I enter the forums is delete the new ones. It's amazing how they get in, even given our security measures.

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