Calibration Movies

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Calibration Movies

Post by karinagw »

I completely understand why you have positive and negative result calibration movies. I totally get why you're making the tracks a little more difficult to find (the Phase 1 calibration movies were beyond silly with their obviousness).

However, it might behoove you to throw in a couple more obvious ones in once in awhile just to keep up our morale. Every SINGLE time I spend 5 minutes arguing with myself about a movie and decide it's a No Track (because I can see the editing artifact for the track just above surface), it has wound up being a calibration film with a positive result expectation.

Of the 12 mis-identifications I've gotten, there were only 2 where I had a genuine "Really?" reaction
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Re: Calibration Movies

Post by DanZ »

More may indeed be added later, but in the meantime, please study this thread. Perhaps it will help.

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