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Re: Questions for Myles

Post by DiamondGirl »

jsmaje wrote:Well, since my stats only cover the top 100, I can't say whether those who may have dropped below that particular arbitrary cut-off point are still 'active' or not, unless they reappear in the published list.
Maybe I can help with that a bit... :) I'm one of the above mentioned. After having had to stop scanning for several months due to a new job situation, I recently was able to jump back in. I'm not quite as high up as some others, but i did finally break a new marker and am currently at 199.

I think, for me, the biggest remaining and ongoing question is, what are the chances at this point that I would come across a slide no one has seen yet, or if they did, find a potential track on that others missed? How many "unseen" slides are out there, if any?

I know those questions have gone round and round on different threads, and I figure in the grand scheme of things there's always a chance, but at the very least I continue to get better at deciding what to look for and what doesn't really count. So onward I go.

Good to see some of your other names still posting, too.

So, if you need a voice from the "not in the top 100 but still plugging along," you know where to find me. ;-)

Chuck Crisler
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I think that all of the movies have been seen

Post by Chuck Crisler »

From what I have gleaned from other reading, all of the currently scanned images have been reviewed. There seems to be a traffic jam in the clean room getting more sections of the aerogel scanned, which seems to be delaying the third cycle (due about a year ago). If you look at your events you see that many of the potential tracks that you have selected probably have very few 'viewings'. Therefore, it is probably helpful for people to continue reviewing images while we can, just to add more 'eyes' to each movie. While there may not be much chance that we will find a new real track, perhaps we can add more credibility to the existing identifications. So yes, it is valuable to keep plugging away. Remember, most of science (life?) is rather boring punctuated with a few exciting (terrifying?) moments. Welcome back!
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Post by Nikita »

Well said Chuck and yes, welcome back DiamondGirl!
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