How to deal with mono grey scans?

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How to deal with mono grey scans?

Post by laserphil »

This may seem to be a dumb question to ask now but how do other dusters deal with the scans which are just a mono grey right through the whole focus bars?
I have been marking them as bad focus up to now - I have put them into a class of "unable to locate the surface" and therefore not able to be assessed.
Do others also take this course of action?
Its just that tonight's session I must have clicked as many Bad Focus as worthwhile scans!!!

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Post by Wolter »

Yes, bad focus is the correct classification for those.

And yes they do seem to come in batches, but that is thanks to how the human mind works. It remembers that one string but forgets about all the single ones ;)
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Post by Nikita »

To add to Wolter,

You may also have had a heavier amount, these are random, so you could get a cluster of them, but not statistically different overall. So a slightly higher amount of bad focus, and as Wolter said, you noticed it = perception that the team at Berkeley decided to throw a bunch at you!
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