Update: 22 Jun 2006 - Focus movie updates

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Update: 22 Jun 2006 - Focus movie updates

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Hello patient people!

We are continuing to scan aerogel and produce focus movies. To date our database has 24,959 focus movies ready to go. That's 4 tiles completed and another 3 tiles almost complete. We're aiming for 12 complete tiles before we launch.

After 4 perfect scans last week, we had to redo the 5th because the focus was off. Some keen-eyed forum members noticed that we also had to redo tile I015. That time the microscope light bulb blew in the middle of the night resulting in useless movies of blackness.

This week's challenge has been at the Berkeley end, processing the focus movies. We discovered a couple of bugs which have stalled us a little bit. I have 3 tiles about 90% done and a 4th being used in diagnostics.

Keep checking 'Picture Perfect' - you're seeing the same information as I'm using to track our progress. Count the green tiles!

Green means the movies from that tile are uploaded and ready, Yellow means we're currently working on the data at Berkeley (quality checks, processing the movies, adding focus movies to the database) and Blue means the tile has been scanned in Houston.

http://stardustathome.ssl.berkeley.edu/ ... c.php?t=78

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