Don't lose hope

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Don't lose hope

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Some of the posting titles sound a bit down (When will this be fun, etc.). Don't lose hope - When Mariner took the first pictures of Mars about 40 years ago, the scientists saw only craters - they missed all the water features. Scientists had continued to miss the water on Mars until a few weeks ago. Scientists didn't discover mites living near our Earth's South Pole until 40 years ago. Did you know mites have been found "ballooning" on a strand of thread at an altitude of 3 km? The Proceedings of the National Academy of Science just reported the first-of-a-kind census to discover 1800 species of bacteria in the atmosphere! With so much life in the atmosphere, combined with the mystery of what really drives the aurora (which also throws masses of oxygen ions out into space), there is truely a possibility of somthing amazing being found in the aerogel. This is the opportunity of a lifetime!

Good Luck

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Not having fun?

Post by nan »

If people aren't enjoying what they are volunteering their time to do, perhaps it's not the right thing for them. I find it enjoyable, and has even become my alone, 'zen' time to clear my head of my day to day stuff and just focus on the slides. The anticipation of finding something is what keeps us going, and the realization that it may be years down the road and 100's of 1000's of slides can be daunting. Remember, every slide that doesn't have somthing is one less slide closer to history, hopefully!

Science is methodical, monotonous, and often cures insomnia. And it still manages to be exciting and amazing, eventually.
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