Who is the 20000th durster ?

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Who is the 20000th durster ?

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Welcome to the 20000th.
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Welcome and Hear Hear!! to the 20,000 Duster

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How do you check on what # you are?
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what # you are?

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mpstevens69 wrote:How do you check on what # you are?
As far as I'm aware no one has ever been given a membership number, though the team must hold such data.

Your best guess would have been to compare how many participants (shown on the Home page) there were just before and immediately after you joined.

Personally I've no idea what number I was (having not followed my own advice above!), but in retrospect agree it would be nice to know, if only out of simple curiosity.

Presumably the 20,000th duster and subject of this thread, from whom we've yet to hear, is no more certain or even aware of their particular status.
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