My Events no longer works?

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VM link broke

Post by rgraf »

Since Saturday PM, the VM link is broke. The page displayed is all white & the
frame indicates 'Done"
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I Hopr They Get It Fixed...

Post by Howie »

The site is acting funny to differant areas of the web???

I hope it gets fixed!!! SoooooooooooooooN!!!

Howie, just about had enough for awhile!!!
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Post by Nikita »


Can't blame you for wanting to take a break, it is frustrating! Perhaps just check in on the forum, once a day, and look for an announcement until it is fixed! It has been brought to the attention of the Stardust team and they are working on fixing it. There is nothing to report yet. So relax for a few days. If everyone is reporting this, no one is going to have a chance to increase their scores.

Enjoy your break, we'll chat to you soon again, I have no doubt! :D
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Post by Groundling »

Hi Ronald C. Spencer;
Well I guess that's about as close to a flame job as I have seen.
Most people are searching for information.
I can take a hint.
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Viewing My Events

Post by fgutowski »


How come I can't view anything when I go into "MY EVENTS"? Thanks for your time.

Stardust@home Team
Stardust@home Team
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Post by bmendez »

Hi All,

Thanks to all of you for reporting this problem. We are aware of it and are working to correct it. The rest of the site appears to be working normally. So please go ahead and dust to your heart's content.

Thanks again,
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Ronald C. Spencer
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Post by Ronald C. Spencer »

Thanks Bryan! :D for the Update.
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My Events

Post by lhvogt »

Have not been able to access ME for last 3 days.
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Thank the Hard Working Team Again...

Post by Howie »

At Least I Got my Event List Back!!!!!!!!!!!!!

At 7 pm est Florida................and

it has the clicks I added since the Blackout!

Cheers Team,
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Site not working worth a poopa tonight in my area???

Post by Howie »

Hi Team and mods...

Whole site is very slow, and hung up???

Minutes to connect to Forum and worse for the VM site,,,
and movies not barely loading!!!

The rest of my internet is normal,,,
Maybe it is here in Florida and tomorrow somewhere else???

I keep telling you to notify us all of a shutdown to fix the problems before this problem really takes you down...your missing something!!!
There is something wrong in certain geographic areas and getting worse!!!

It is now 9 pm est Florida!!! My internet is working but your whole site is almost shut down to me at this time???

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Post by DustBuster »

Hi Howie.

There's not a lot that can be done about heavy traffic- this is also the peak of the online shopping season and soon millions of children will be released for winter break, which will only increase the problem.

Both sites seem to be functioning normally as of this post.

The original topic of this thread has been resolved, so I am locking it and will send it to the archive in a few days.