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Low clicks and low views since Nov. 5th

Post by Howie »

I post these because I was first to click them and one I was second I think, but in 3 weeks been viewed very, very low and of course no remarks as looked good to one of the mods...

Movie 4730349V1 21 2 Indeterminate
Movie 5620835V1 24 2 Indeterminate
Movie 5693880V1 18 1 Indeterminate
Movie 4905946V1 15 2 Indeterminate

Thread for these on the 5th ov Nov. is... ... &start=570

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I got a few for you

Post by WorWizard »

Here's one I have listed as being viewed 333 times with 7 hits. I have it listed twice. So I clicked it 2 out of the 7 times

From the center about 50 microns to the right ... =3916314V1

Here's another one It's been viewed 25 times. 2 hits. I have it listed twice so therefore I clicked it both times. ... =4277113V1

Viewed 286 times 3 hits and I have it listed twice ... =4571084V1

here's another good one viewed 57 times with 24 hits (odds 42.11%)
I also have it listed twice ... d=604627V1

Viewed 43 times 6 hits. I have it twice ... =6482409V1

Viewed 50 times 2 hits I have it listed twice so I guess I'm the only one here ... =7096956V1

Viewed 21 times 2 hits and I have it listed twice guess I did both ... =7873494V1

Viewed 350 times 5 hits 2 are mine ... =8357688V1

Viewed 339 times 3 hits I have listed 2 times ... =8971895V1

Viewed 221 times 7 hits I have listed 2 times ... =9387203V1
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