What happens with "low agreement" movies?

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What happens with "low agreement" movies?

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I was just wondering, since the number of "agreement" movies in My Events that are <5, are becoming more prominent now...If you find one of those 'transparent thread' movies that is focused "low/down" versus the surface...Is it better to liberally flag it as suspect, or just throw it out?

The reason Im asking is b/c Im not sure if every "flagged" movie generates like an hour of work for someone in this Lab.
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The way I look at it is...

Post by Howie »

That is their job!!!

Out of a billion areas to look at and find maybe less than 40 real tracks, what are your odds to point them to something, considering you have experience at it, and are not just clicking on everything, which brings up the point, that the unexperienced searchers, could be causing allot of extra work, but, I am sure they have that figured and will deal with it!

Can any one person or machine look at every sqaure inch of every movie?

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