"blank movies" / artifacts

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Fernando Romero Leimbach
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"blank movies" / artifacts

Post by Fernando Romero Leimbach »

I name "blank movies" those like 5266071V1 and 3631614V1 because
they have no particles for focus reference. I answer them Bad Focus, but
I´m not sure. Which is the right answer, No Track/Bad Focus?? There are many of them.

Mi screen shows two little "particles" at (proportional) coordinates (x-y) aprox. 60-15 y 75-99 with variable intensities. I think they are not of my PC. Are they?? They caused three of my "unswered incorrectly".
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"blank movies" / artifacts

Post by fjgiie »

Hi Fernando Romero,

http://stardustathome.ssl.berkeley.edu/ ... =5266071V1
You could call this bad focus. You could tilt back your screen and see a small spot right of center and above center slightly.

http://stardustathome.ssl.berkeley.edu/ ... =3631614V1
My guess would be bad focus on 3631614V1. Not much there.
If you cannot tell where the surface is then click bad focus.

Your second point. You may be speaking of spots on the microscope lens as
shown in the tutorial.http://stardustathome.ssl.berkeley.edu/ ... e_number=6

And also these spots are shown here: http://xs104.xs.to/xs104/06310/stardust2.jpg


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Post by Senator »


I have been seeing a lot of those "blank movies" and discovered that some actually have small objects in them, but not very many usually. Frankly, I wish they had a button for registering blank movies.

Particles in these movies are really hard to see, but if there, you can find them if you try. I carefully run up and down the focus until I am sure there are no objects and click bad focus if thats the case. If there are very small objects and I can tell if they go in and out of focus, I just do the normal eval. These movies are harder and take longer, but you have the opportunity of finding something first if you expend a little extra effort because many people will just bang the out of focus button or the no track button rather then take the time on these. Anyway, good hunting. 8)
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Re: "blank movies" / artifacts

Post by HelenWheels »

fjgiie wrote: And also these spots are shown here: http://xs104.xs.to/xs104/06310/stardust2.jpg
I've gotten used to seeing that one on the top, since it's so obvious. The one that catches me more than I like is that one in the middle near the bottom. It's not obvious in all the movies, but when "something in focus under the surface" catches my eye, it's a bit of a let-down: "OH! There's.... oh. never mind"

Stupid dust.

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Re: "blank movies" / artifacts

Post by Nikita »

HelenWheels wrote:Stupid dust.
:lol: I think I've said worse a time to two!!!
From dust we come
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