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Where is my certificate

Post by orion_28 »

I have already viewed 431 real movies, why I dont have a certificate of "Scanning through 100 focus movies "?

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Post by Nikita »


See ... rtificates
under question 8. This is the latest answer. The Stardust team is just working on other issues. But this project still has a while to go, so don't worry, I'm sure it will be fixed before we are done.

Good luck dusting!

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Post by DustSabre »

Is the "Top 100" certificate awarded ( in theory ) when you reach the top 100, even if you don't do a thing after that and fall back into the depths? If so, then as the project goes along, it will become harder and harder to get into the top 100. And, if someone got this certificate earlier in the searching, it would be worth less than the same certificate later in the searching.

Also, it seems sort of ridiculous the spread between the two major goals that they've set. The first is 100 focus movies ( generally around 120 movies total ), but the second goal is (at this point) about 10,000 points, which means around 35,000 movies total. Honestly! I can view 275 movies per hour ( while still looking them over carefully), meaning that I could reach the first goal in less than a half-hour, but it would take me over 127 hours :shock: to reach the next goal. While I don't like working for scores as much as I enjoy finding dust tracks, it does give a measure of progress, and I like it for that. :D

Therefore, it would be nice if I had a couple more easily attained goals to shoot for, since it's likely that I won't ever get to the top 100. :wink:
This would also cause many people to try for a higher score, when they would have dropped out otherwise after viewing 100 focus movies. (Just when they're starting to get some experience!)

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Post by Nikita »

Please remember that before this project started, no one anticipated such committed dusters. None of us on the forum thought much about the two certificates nor about the gaps between them. If someone told me that there would be people who had viewed tens of thousands of movies, I wouldn't have believed it. Yet here we are!
So the team has had many things on thier hands. They will fix the certificate issues in time, and I agree, stair step certificates would be great. I too would like to have little rewards after some milestones!
About the top 100, we've already noticed some changes and we aren't done yet! A slow and steady turtle can still make it there if the rabbits stop!
Good suggestions and happy dusting!
From dust we come

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Solicitor, Anyone?

Post by Jane038 »

plasmadon wrote::lol: :lol: :lol:
As soon as I saw this certificate stuff based on 'score' I said to myself "Oh boy! This is going to get weird with inaccurate blitzkreig viewings."
Just the notion of participation in this extraordinary endeavor should be all the certifying one really needs. But, then again, I've been on this planet long enough to know that a good portion of us earthlings want some sort of certificated public acknowledge for each and every effort we make assisting our fellow planeteers in whatever cause we feel we'll get an "attaboy".

Maybe just a "thanks for participating" certificate is the way to go.

I'm having enough problems telling the difference between a stardust track and the last splat-trail from that mutant-sized gnat i swatted on the screen moments earlier. I have to get out that Windex. :oops:

Good viewin' my fellow stardusters. 8)
Perhaps someone should call a personal injury lawyer before someone takes legal action!

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