Questions about the certificates

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Im in the top 100, Should I get a certificate?

Post by dannyzs »

Im in the top 100, actually, 14'th place. Should I get a certificate? :)

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Post by dannyzs »

Helpful people :(
lol, but anyway, I was in the lead for a while yesterday, and I didnt get a certificate. So should I be getting one?

Stardust@home Team
Stardust@home Team
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Post by annaz »

We’re delaying the launch of the two certificates for two main reasons:

- We’re developing a new certificate system
- We want to have some time lapse between when we launch and when we release the other certificates.

The last reason is mainly because we realized that the first 100 people who signed up will be in the top 100, even though their score might be 0. Also, we want to lessen the urgency of going through movies for the 100 movies scanned.

After much consideration, we decided it’s best to delay the launch of the other certificates, both for the integrity of the certificates and because we want to concentrate on getting the website running! :D

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Post by MaximVesuvius »

That sound right, I didn't think I should have gotten into the top 100 so easily.

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Post by Eric »

I was dissapointed when I didn't see the 100 movies viewed certificate :cry:

And I still have 100%/100% too :wink:

Your Overall Score: 25
Total Movies Viewed: 136
Your Rank: 785 out of 3772
Specificity: 100%
Sensitivity: 100%


Re: Im in the top 100, actually, 14'th place. Should...

Post by icebike »

dannyzs wrote:Im in the top 100, actually, 14'th place. Should I get a certificate? :)
No, you should get OUT MORE! :lol:

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Post by Sharqua »

Your Overall Score: 100
Total Movies Viewed: 344
Your Rank: 182 out of 3916
Specificity: 100%
Sensitivity: 97%

Finally cracked 100 calibration movies and missed my first calibration track on movie #101. No certificate for 100 calibration movies -- I'm guessing it isn't enabled yet.

Being in the top 100 doesn't mean as much right now as it will later, when it will probably require an overall score in the thousands.

I'm sure enjoying working in the morning (east coast USA) -- the server is MUCH more responsive.


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Post by gavin42g »

Normally I don't care much for score, but...

I'm #91 right now! Huzzah! Yes, the Top 100 isn't very special yet, but I'll take it while I can. I think I'll go to sleep now and let some other people take a crack at it, I've had my fun.

Good luck all, and happy dusting!

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Training certificate

Post by wolf82 »

How can I fill in my name in the training certificate before downloading it?

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Post by Orion_0169 »

You download it first, as a PDF, then alter it with name and date, then print.
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Questions about the certificates

Post by Lode »

* Question 1

I find this on the website:
Volunteers will receive special certificates after achieving the following milestones:

Successfully completing the training tutorial and test
Scanning through 100 focus movies
Achieving a ranking in the top 100
And this are my stats:

Your Overall Score: 490
Total Movies Viewed: 2012
Your Rank: 207 out of 7836
Specificity: 100%
Sensitivity: 97%
When I look at the "My Events" page I only find the first certificate (completing the test), how come I haven't got the second one also (100 movies scanned)?

* Question 2

Are those 3 the only certificates we can get, or are other ones coming (for other special events)?

* Question 3

Are the certificates just a way to encourage people, or are they really official when printed out?

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Post by gamalmfalyii »

It seems as if they are meant to encourage people to go through the focus movies and to correctly go through a large amount of movies to receive a certificate. Sadly enough, the Stardust team has had to make such encouragements to make people go through the movies and make history making contributions to mankind's knowledge. Even worse, people have been going through the focus movies like wildfire and common sense dictates that such behavior in reference NOT to the advancement of the knowledge of the human race and only to the advancement of one's own accolades and greed will most likely put a heavy hamper on the progress that the Stardust team has broken their backs to get complete. I guess the team will ready the certificates when they discover a way to put a stop to the cheating and erroneous clicks of the mouse over each and every movie in regards to raising one's SCORE.

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Post by mwhiz »

whoa there. you should get some information before you start accusing people willy-nilly. those of us with high scores (myself included) are NOT CHEATING. i'm a 16 year old kid with a passion for space and math. why on earth would i want to sabotage a mission like this?? my high score comes from spending nearly about 25 hours in the last 5 days searching for stardust. i think i speak for all the "high scorers" when i say: why the anger? just because we have high scores? please get a life.
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Post by gamalmfalyii »

No accusations have been made to ALL of the high scorers my young friend. It's actually great if you're not cheating, i commend you for your passion for science and math, I was the same way when I was your age as well. Indeed, it is very positive that some are not cheating but of course, at the same time, others need to realize the fact that there are many volunteers out there who chalk a project like this up to how high they can get their scoreboard. In addition, it seems petty as to argue with another volunteer over the pointlessness of the high score or the certificate or whatever you may or may not believe. It also seems petty to me at least (and this being my outright opinion) that there are some out there, many I have seen on these boards (and many I have not seen squabbling about certificates and the scorebox) complaining about certificates. The important thing being, the project is started and that's all there is to it, in a Utopian world, users would search for tracks and only have problems with errors in the project, etc. Patience is a virtue and it takes time to worry about the smaller, non important aspects of the user experience other than just doing what some of us came to do in the first place...finding dust trails! :)

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Post by plasmadon »

:lol: :lol: :lol:
As soon as I saw this certificate stuff based on 'score' I said to myself "Oh boy! This is going to get weird with inaccurate blitzkreig viewings."
Just the notion of participation in this extraordinary endeavor should be all the certifying one really needs. But, then again, I've been on this planet long enough to know that a good portion of us earthlings want some sort of certificated public acknowledge for each and every effort we make assisting our fellow planeteers in whatever cause we feel we'll get an "attaboy".

Maybe just a "thanks for participating" certificate is the way to go.

I'm having enough problems telling the difference between a stardust track and the last splat-trail from that mutant-sized gnat i swatted on the screen moments earlier. I have to get out that Windex. :oops:

Good viewin' my fellow stardusters. 8)

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