Scores and Rankings more important than taking a "chanc

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Scores and Rankings more important than taking a "chanc

Post by ntschke »

How mnay of you are so worried about getting a "wrong" score that you won't click on something that might be SOMETHING?

Isn't the point of all of this to find what the project was intended to and not just try to win the "PacMan Highest Score" t-shirt?

If Scores and Rankings are all you're really worried about you're most likely NOT taking the risks needed to possibly identify something important...and therefore not helping.

Unless you think highest score is somehow going to provide clues about our universe......

the moon
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Post by the moon »

It's really not that big of an issue. Tracks have to be below the surface, and negative calibration movies never have any marks of any kind below the surface. So if you see something below the surface and are pretty sure it's not a track but can't be 100% sure and want to click anyway, you can at least be sure you won't get marked wrong for clicking on a calibration movie.

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Post by Nikita »

This came up when the project first opened and ended quickly. If anyone is in it for the score now, they would have TONS of work to do to equal the top searchers. Our top searches have chimed in and stated that they are doing this for the science and have the time to devote to it. What it ended up coming down to is that this was designed for many people to be involved with many different styles. Some will click on a variety of things and could care less about the scores, some really hate to see the score go down. Some are cautious but could care less about the score. We end up with a nice balance and range of responses. And if the score is important for someone and they don't click, it is one and won't affect the whole project. That's why this is such a great set up, it takes all of us to make it work right.
I hope that helps your discomfort with the scoring. It really does help keep us focused on what we are doing.
Happy Dusting!
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