New high resolution tiles/movies

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New high resolution tiles/movies

Post by jsmaje »

Anna's latest update: Picture Perfect II: Higher Resolution focus movies
The new "High Resolution" are tiles we have reprocessed from our original scan data from Houston.
Each field of view is split into 4 quadrants giving 4 focus movies per scan. The new focus movies cover a quarter of the area with 4 times the resolution compared with the original focus movies.
Surveying one whole tile will mean searching about 15,000 high resolution focus movies.
Welcome back Anna, but does this mean that in effect we're starting all over again at this higher resolution?
Personally, having had a scientific background, I'd perfectly understand if this were the case and am happy to press on, but I suspect some other volunteers might not be best pleased if they were to feel that their efforts so far may have been wasted.

PS: nice to see that Berkeley is still in the forefront of time-machine technology, having updated Anna's post on '08 February 2007' before it was ever written!

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Post by bmendez »

No body's time has been wasted. Indeed the efforts that everyone has put forth thus far have produce a few dozen promising candidates that we are preparing to extract and test.

Going back through previously scanned tiles at high resolution will be for the purpose of looking for smaller details that may have been missed.

We will be talking more about this in greater detail very soon.

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Post by greuti »

Hi Bryan,

As an example, could you possibly post here the "myevents_viewer" link to such a high res movie, please? Or the ID number of it. Furthermore it would be interesting to get too the low res movie wherein one can find this high res section.

Apropos zooming in: Recently, in the Hubble ST News, there was a release about a ring of dark matter around a galaxy cluster. Additionally they made a video (see Video 2 ) that zooms in from the naked eye view of the night sky to the small section image of the cluster.

Maybe it would be a nice idea to do once the same on an aerogel tile in the collector. :)

Thanks Greuti

p.s. At the beginning, in that "Video 2", is on the right the asterism “Great Square of Pegasusâ€

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Post by DustSabre »

They must be thinking that some of these dust particles are super-microscopic.

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