Star particle confirmation - check

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Star particle confirmation - check

Post by renu_krs »

It seems like only those movies, which are viewed and confirmed by so many users is being examined by the committee whether it is real or not. But the movies which are viewed by less number of volunteers aren't confirmed. I have been waiting for a long time particularly for some movies for the confirmation...still haven't ......My events list only indicate the status to the movies having high rank of users...(above 50 or something) could u please also assess the movies traced by less volunteers. Thanks

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Post by tiggertim »

Hi there,

It will take a considerable amount of time to go through all the movies that have been checked by a lesser number of people. There is still a huge amount of work for the scientists to get through, with the panels only about 1/3 scanned so far.
When I first joined this project, the talk was of it lasting about a year or so, now my guess is that it will take about 4 to 5 years all up...
I also believe that the first thoughs were that there were going to be about 40 to 50 particles, and maybe about 400 to 500 "others". I guess that there are now well over 10,000 "hits", most will be stuff from the origional jell, but each one will need to be checked out.

This project will take a lot of time... much more that origionally though, the scientists will get to review all the maked movies, but again that will take "a lot of time".

I hope this helps.

Good work and happy dusting.

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Post by renu_krs »

Thanks Tim, I could understand the fact...still cannot control my curiosity....have to wait anyways...

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Post by fjgiie »

Hi renu_krs,

Two points need to be kept in mind. One is that the higher scored movies are looked at first and the other point is what you may do that would possibly help a low scoring movie to be looked at earlier.

In the FAQ Forum, there is this question and answer:
Q: I think I found a track! When will I know if it is real?
A: We score each movie, based on the number of "hits" and the measured efficiencies of the people who identified them. We then individually examine each movie, starting with the movies with the biggest scores and going down the list.

There is only one possible way to speed up the review of a low scoring focus movie. That would be to post it in "I think I've found a track, what do you think?" which is in the Discussion Forum. When someone from the Stardust team sees that movie and agrees with you that it has an extraordinary chance of being a track, then they may take an early look. And they also may not take a look. So, this is an invitation to you to post your movies that are so much like a track and we will all take a look at them. Simply copy the URL from your events viewer or use this URL and put your movie number in the place of the one that is shown. ... =7420683V1



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