Increase depth between frames to increase total depth

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Increase depth between frames to increase total depth

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Sorry if this suggestion has already been made. I haven't had time to read all the suggestions in the suggestion thread. Here it is:
Since tracks stay in focus for 10 or more frames, generally, why not increase the focus distance between each frame of the movie by, say, 50% or even 100%? Then I would expect so many of the possible inclusion/track issues would be resolved, because they would not be at the bottom of the depth of focus. The depth of focus would be increased by whatever amount you increase the depth between frames. If that is thought too risky, perhaps the scope could start focusing a little lower to begin with?
Another idea: Could you add a "search" feature to the forum so that I can search for, say, "inclusions" to quickly dig out the info I need?

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One of the purposes of the suggestion thread is to put your suggestions there. That way the stardust team knows where to find any suggestions and they do not need to monitor the entire forum.
So please repost your suggestion there.

For searching the forum just click on the search button Image you can find at the top of every page.....

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