small tracks vs. inclusions

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Chuck Crisler
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small tracks vs. inclusions

Post by Chuck Crisler »

I have seen a fair number of movies that I marked 'no track' because they looked like inclusions. However, I have come to realize that they often resemble some of the smallest tracks on calibration movies. So, I am wondering if I have answered correctly? What should I do in that case? I believe that we are providing a filtering service so that the 'real' people examining this data aren't swamped quite so badly. Therefore, I hate to call every questionable inclusion a track. Examples are movie 2223662v1 (a test movie) and 5389879v1 (a small inclusion). Thank you for all feedback! ... =5389879V1

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Post by Wolter »

The main difference between tracks and inclusions is that tracks are in focus from just below the surface and continue all the way to the bottom slide whereas inclusions are only in focus for a view slides. But as always when in doubt just click on it. We are just here to determine the sequence in which the slides are processed. None will be discarded

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Post by fjgiie »

Hi Chuck Crisler,
You seem to judge these inclusions about like I do. Some of the big
inclusions look like small tracks in calibration movies.
Since we do not know what a real track looks like, we must use our
best judgement and that's all we can do.

I would not have clicked on that inclusion but I would have clicked on that
cal because it does not look like an inclusion in the full movie and we can
tell that it is a calibration movie.

This inclusion picture has ben turned counter-clockwise
90 degrees so that the inclusion is on the left instead of top left.

Image Image
____- Inclusion -_____________- Small calibration track -
____- 5389879V1 -___________- Smaller track than 2223662V1

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