How many are still participating?

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How many are still participating?

Post by oscar »

I am curious about how many active dusters there are. I believe there has been about 20,256 people that have participated in the search for IS dust, but how many are still participating?

And I wish to say thanks to the Stardust Team for the opportunity to search.
The project is great fun. I am always excited about the prospect of being the first to find an IS dust track, but I also feel a wonderful sense of satisfaction to help verify found tracks.
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the moon
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Post by the moon »

Over here just yesterday they said there was 4000 people still logging in each day. ... php?t=1547

Not the best odds for being the first to find a track but better then 1 in 20,000

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Post by DustSabre »

I think about half of the crowd, i.e. around 10,000, have done next to nothing, if not nothing. I noticed this as I whizzed up through the rankings by leaps and bounds after scanning only a few score focus movies.

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