New Movies?

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New Movies?

Post by HelenWheels »

I'm a relative newcomer, having signed up October 25th (drawn in by the Astronomy Picture of the Day), and unlike many "professional dusters" here (:wink:), I work in my spare time - at lunch, after work, some weekends, etc., and rarely spend more than an hour at a time searching for the elusive dust particles. I have over 40 events in my log, and a large majority of them have been viewed upwards of 250 times.

Until today.

I have clicked on 2 separate movies this afternoon that have been viewed 3 and 2 times respectively, and I'm the first to click on both. Is this a coincidence, or were there a bunch of new movies uploaded? If so, that ought to motivate some of the dusters that are suffering from a bit of dusting burn-out. Spread the word!


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Post by duke_nukem »

Space: The Final Frontier.

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