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My Events

Post by DustSabre »

Do the agreements in My Events change as more people agree with a possible track? They never seem to change to me, so I was wondering if they are static, and only reflect the number of agreements at the moment you also agreed. For that matter, if an indeterminate track passes a cut, does that also change in My Events as well?

( I know this question might already have been answered somewhere else on this forum, but if it has, I couldn't find it. )

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Re: My Events

Post by fjgiie »

Hi DustSabre,

From my "Word" spreadsheet:

Movie 4870659V1 204 34 Indeterminate
Movie 4870659V1 187 32 Indeterminate
Movie 4870659V1 175 28 Indeterminate

From checking my events just now this movie has this status:
Movie 4870659V1 214 34 Indeterminate

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Post by xxxxxy »

Yes they are changing.

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Post by DustSabre »

OK, thanks.

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Problem with "my events"

Post by lraemc »

I am no longer able to load "my events". Is anyone else having that problem?

Ooops...after a week of problems it started loading for me as soon as I complained. I'm amazed at how many more possible dust tracks I have on my events list!!!! Yeeehaaaaa

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