Official comments coming in...

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Do you think people are really looking carefully enough?

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Official comments coming in...

Post by h.d.thoreau »

Movie 8153179V1 views: 138 marks: 43 (31%)
Passed cut 1 offical comments: Interplanetary dust particle? ... =8153179V1

Movie 6690749V1 views: 131 marks: 45 (34%)
Passed cut 1 official comments: IS candidate? ... =6690749V1

Movie 9164498V1 views: 147 marks: 31 (21%)
Passed cut 1 offical comments: small IDP track? ... =9164498V1

With these movies passing cut 1, and looking very good as probable candidates, I wonder why the other 66% (or more) didn't click them as good candidates. So I ask of your opinion on whether you think that your peers are really looking carefully enough.

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Post by Wolter »

Yes, none off these movies show the characteristics as tought in the tutorial. Those who are simply following that path will not click these samples but still do as they were asked.
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