What's your feeling when you failed with Calibration Movies?

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Post by Nikita »

Well Babymagoon,

Join the club with the rest of us who missed one somewhere! We all did it early on then rarely as we got going. You'll get better at finding them. That one was a small and tricky one, easy to miss, especially if you are tired!

I know as I get further away from my last error, I have become more cautious so I don't make mistakes. I make sure the batteries are charged in my mouse and that I pause before clicking to be sure I get registered at the right point.

Good Luck!
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Condsidering the circumstance...

Post by Jane038 »

I'm not sure whether this is a good idea or not, just look here Wiki to see why I've come to this opinion.[/url]

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Post by xxxxxy »

What's your feeling when you failed with Calibration Movies?
I just made my first mistake in year 2007 and I feel beaten. :?

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Post by Hermax »

I made most of my errors somewhere between movie 1 and 100. I remember it made me very angry at myself but it helped to get more concentrated on finding tracks.

What made me really furious was the single error in specificity I had so far. I did know that it could be an inclusion, but I clicked on it anyway, thinking "It looks like an inclusion, but hey, how can I be sure of it anyway? Let's propose it as a track and let the experts decide on it"
Bang!!! Error. :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil:

But I got over it. :D

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Missed this one

Post by fjgiie »

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That's a difficult CM. I used to use my peripheral vision to catch positive CM's around the edge. That one is hidden on the other side of some surface clutter. You will need to look straight at it, not just glance around. I did miss it once. It's worse early in the morning.

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Post by Wolter »

keeps you on your toes doesn't it...
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To DustBuster

Post by fjgiie »

Dear DustBuster,

Guess what? I missed a +CM today and it was my fault. Actually I missed two today but this post is about that one that I missed with no help. There was a possible track looking thing top right quarter. I was watching that and decided that it was not a track and cliked "NO TRACK". The track that I was supposed to click was near the bottom. It pays to look at the whole focus movie.

And you said that I would never admit missing one.

fjgiie right again !

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Post by DustSabre »

I've been missing more, that's for sure, but I think it's for the better. Those new calibration movies are keeping us sharp. Truth to tell, I like 'em a lot.

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Missing CM's

Post by KevinLMoore »

I really dislike missing CM's. It is frustrating sometimes not to know why you missed one, but when I go back and look at the CM again, I can usually figure it out. Sometimes though, I cannot for the life of me figure out why I missed one.

Perhaps that is why my sensitivity is only 81% and specificity is only 95%. Oh well, all I can do is keep plugging along. As my grandfather was always observing, "even a blind hog can find an acorn every now and then." I'm not real sure what he meant, but it seems appropriate to this dust hunt.
Hope we all can find a particle! Good hunting!


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Missing a track in the CM movie..

Post by dashadeaux »

I have missed tracks in three CMs, and am quite unhappy. Missing a CM track candidate is to expected, but lack of information about why the track was missed is unacceptable. I immediately used the browser back button to review the CM movie when I missed the last track, and am totally unable to understand where I failed.

After many months and countless hours of contributing, I am at the point of terminating this effort.


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What does it feel like....

Post by star2steerby »

Don't give up Dash, this too shall pass!
What does it feel like to miss a CM? You know how you sometimes miscalculate on the stairs and reach for one that isn't there? Add to that a momentary misery followed by a renewed determination. Missing two in a row is like a one-two punch to the gut. I'll sign off for awhile when that (rarely) happens and regroup mentally - maybe get something to eat if I need it or a good nights sleep. More often than not, when I sign on again I have one of the best runs ever and regain some self esteem. Main thing is not to dwell...after all, it's for a good cause!
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The last two fjgiie missed

Post by fjgiie »

What's your feeling when you failed with Calibration Movies? What's My feeling? You need to miss two in a row and then you won't ask! I have missed more than 124 I believe, and all positive CMs.

This one I just did not see even though I looked good, not so bad a feeling. But this one I looked right at it and decided not to click it. There are dirty spots on my screen darker than that!

Many people have told me that my eyes look good but they did not look good enough to see those two calibration movies! :shock: :(


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Post by Pupper »


I have missed alot of CMs. I wish that I could have only missed twice the number you have! The one you listed is one of them I'm sure. The problem is that the test track doesn't start to come into focus until the bottom of the focus bar and the bar is missing the last two rungs. There are several other CMs that have the same problem. I believe that the incomplete focus bar is one of the major problems with the VM setup. I guess that less than half of the CMs/VMs have a complete bar. I know that I could mark them as bad focus, but then 50+% would be bad focus. I don't think that would make the time spend searching worth while.

Someone should start a topic such as "How do you feel when you don't miss a difficult/tricky CM?" :wink:

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Post by vanz »

What's worse, failing a CM or having a long list of events where multiple people have looked at the same movie and you're the only one who clicked on a 'track'?

Looking at my events, I feel like I'm sending bad data. You all are awsome and I only do this every now and then. The last thing I want to do is send bad data that takes more time for them to sift through.

The phase 2 CM's really made me jumpy over time and I find I click on what I think are tracks more often than I should... but when I don't, it kills me when I see it was a CM with a VERY tiny track.

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