Just to say THANKS

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Just to say THANKS

Post by oscar »

I wish to thank Stardust@home for the opportunity to participate in this project.
This is a collaboration of amatuer astronomers and the big guys at it's best! 8)
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Post by LeeRyder »

hmm, I feel.. since we are collaborating with the "big guys" that I could do my work much more effectively on the Shuttle :)
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Post by specks »

I'd like to add my congratulations to the Stardust@home team "Six Pack" for all of your hard work, determination, and achievements so far. The six of you have provided a marvelous opportunity for mere mortals such as I to explore and contribute to a dream. Thanks. (This is way better than Sudoku.)

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ya - thanks !

Post by z4b3t »

i hope all the goals of this project are realized in some way.

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