Do you have a relevant professional backgound?

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Are you (training as) a professional scientist in a field relevant to the Stardust mission?

Yes: exact science (physics, chemistry,...)
Yes: applied science (engineering,...)
Yes: other (please specify)
Not sure (yet)
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Post by Canis »

I am working towards an MPhys in Physics and Astrophysics (Thats an undergrad masters in physics here in Britain) and I intend to go on to a phd in a similar field.
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Post by Acid Flash Gordon »

I've been an electronic technician for the last 30 years. I've worked on just about everything from military systems that still had tubes up to microelectronic circuitry which required the use of a 2 to 10 power microscope and laser trimming, as well as a 1000 power microscope to verify static (or other) damage on the "chip" and currently, a military "passive" detection system.

I'm an amateur astronomer and living in Las Vegas is great because I can drive for 30 minutes and be out in the middle of nowhere. With no city glow, just looking up at the stars is an amazing sight. My job site is quite a distance to the north of the city and it, too, is out in the desert so at night I see the same amazing sky.
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Post by misscopernicus »

I've graduated from University of Ankara, Astronomy and Space Sciences. And i'm about to start my master programme on September, probably at the same university... So, may i call myself as an "astronomer"? :wink:
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Post by gammamann »

I'm a geologist and and have been doing microscopic identification of minerals for more than 25 years. Trying to figure out what the residual particles are is part of the entertainment.

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Post by Crystallize »

You got to be kidding ... Image

My work experience is in economics and computer/Internet ...

how ever I have very good eyes and I'm very grounded
and not getting ahead of things or imagine stuff... :wink:

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Post by r2-bacca »

I have a B.S. in Physics, but I love all science. I also run a small web development company and I have an interest in robotics. I love long walks on the beach and....uhh....oh...this isn't the place for that? Oops! :oops:
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Post by shernren »

I'm aiming to be a physicist. Future boffin!
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Post by BLAMPOW »

I'm A Environmental Specialist mostly dealing with landfills (groundwater and methane contamination). I hope that we do not find out that these dust particles are just intersellar waste from other universes :) .
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Bernard Quatermass
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Post by Bernard Quatermass »

I'm a third of the way through a B.Sc (Hons) Physical Sciences which I'm doing in my spare time.
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Post by squid »

Although my education is Physics, my employment is in IT security and engineering.

Like most physicists, I have foregone the Klingonesque rights of ascension in the ranks of pure physics to pursue a career in computers :)
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?Relevant? background

Post by ptyvela »

I am currently unemployed (but I'm also searching for a job in my spare time!!). I have a B.Sc. degree with a Sociology major and a Psychology minor. My last job was as a Manager at a hospital that underwent budget cuts and I was the part of the budget that was cut... :o I actually spent a lot of time teaching medical staff (nurses, techs, etc.) how to use computerized order entry and medication administration programs, and helped write policies and procedures related to information security. I have been a never-satisfied science fiction reader since I was first able to access the adult side of the public library where I grew up in Michigan, a self-taught pianist who was a piano major at college, so I have both the love of the unknown and that wherewithall to learn new things on my own. I am humbled by the opportunity to do this project, as people like me who are not "scientists" might never have had the chance to see this up close. Thanks to those who set up this project and for letting me participate!!!

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Post by bluenova »

I am a Wildlife Biologist and Entomologist. I own a company that specializes in humane capture and relocation of wildlife. I have participated in research and studies before (more of the Southern Big Brown Bat Routes and Triangulation kind). :D I think I would have rather been an astronomer (thanks to Sagan) :wink: , hence my addiction to stardust.

I have started dreaming about dust particles! :D

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Post by Mississauga »

I've been irrelevant for the past ten years. :?
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Post by templar781 »

I'm an electronics tech turned engineer who is currently trying to get a teaching degree in Science education at the secondary level. My electronics background includes analysis of fine detail, orientation, and alignment. My engineering classes provided greater understanding of physics and materials.
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Post by rozenblumic »

graphic designer who used to be in meteorolgy...

hey I have the eyes for it :)

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