Educational level of participants.

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What is your current highest educational achievement?

College or University, 6 years +
College or University, 4 years +
College or University, 4 year degree
College or University, 2 year +
College or University, 2 year degree
College or University, > 2 years
High school graduate
High school student
Middle or junior school student
6 years or less of formal education
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Educational level of participants.

Post by DustTrailFinder »

I thought it might be interesting to see what educational levels our members have achieved.

I made a mistake on one of the categories, using a > instead of a < symbol. That category was intended for college students with less than 2 years of experience.
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Post by Sundevil »

I have a 4 year degree, but it took 5 years. Why rush when you are having a good time?

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Post by PeteSeeker »

Sundevil wrote:I have a 4 year degree, but it took 5 years. Why rush when you are having a good time?
that's about the speed I'm going right now hehehe, I'm just hoping to graduate before my daughter enrolls in college...

Nicki Mennekens
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Post by Nicki Mennekens »

I'm a B.Sc. in Physics, currently working towards an M.Sc. in Astrophysics.



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Post by tareq »

I have a B.Sc in Agriculture, department of agricultural resources and environment, and waiting septemper to start my Msc studies in soil science. good luck for all.
Why rush when you are having a good time?
yes my friend sundevil, i realy miss the university, it was a great days, actually it was the best.

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Post by Alex41 »

I am planning to go to the university and earn a B.Sc. Hon. in Chemistry Physics.

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Post by joecor99 »

I had 1 year of college, then joined the US Navy. I later went to a technical college to get an A+ certification (for pc repair). I never got to use the A+ certification. Most of my work has been with mainframe computers (operations). Oh, well! :)
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Post by DustTrailFinder »

My bachelors degree was in math, with a minor in accounting. After I graduated from college, I spent 3 years as a Naval Supply Officer and then worked for International Harvester as a Branch Accountant. Since my career seemed to be aimed toward accounting, I went back to college and completed all the courses required for a major in accounting. Good thing I did, since I was able to retire at 57. I loved math and science in high school and college, but was never good enough at it to make it a career. Actually, I never really liked accounting, but I was good at it and I was lucky to fall into that career. Sometimes compromises work out best, but I do envy those who are able to pursue a career they really enjoy and love to go to work for day in and day out.

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Post by Lollia »

I got a degree, then I specialized and at last I got a Ph. D.
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Post by tareq »

I think your idea is right my friend, i think its much better to work in a field you like, for example i didnt choose agriculture,i was forced to take it since am syrian and live in jordan, so the only open door to complete my study was agriculture, it was the only open field for syrian who want to study in the University of Jordan, but then i discovered that not only plants are the main department in agriculture, theres soil and hydrology, so because i love analysis and sience, i choose soil to continue my MSc studies about it, and i hope if i could find work after my MSc, and my biggest dream is to go to USA or EUROP to live and work there, and also raise my children there, raise them on truth and sience.

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Post by eeergo »

I'm in the first year of Physics... and enjoying it :D

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Post by Angaiak »

I have a B.A. in English, will be spending the next year earning my teacher certification, then I'll be working on a Master's in Education for Curriculum and Instruction. I just love science and astronomy and this project sounded so FUN!

Dark Helmet
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Post by Dark Helmet »

I'm currently in physics engineering, first semester, and switching to electrical engineering this autumn (the market is too uncertain).

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Post by Schlockading »

I'm going to be a freshman in high school this year, so I voted as my highest academic achievement being middle/junior high school. I see only two people have chosen this option - I seem to be one of the youngest among the stardust searchers! :)

Ulrich Rieth
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Post by Ulrich Rieth »

I got my PhD in nuclear chemistry in May 2005 and now I am working as leader of the radiochemistry group in a federal research center in Germany.

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