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Post by cczernia »

oh, and i forgot to mention....I'm a Canadian!
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Post by Mississauga »

Hey, all!

My name's in my sig, my location listed to the left; a proud Canuck. I'm an OFI providing independent support/training to Apple computer users. I'm not allergic to dust (I'm saving the "bunnies" under my bed to have a sweater knitted), so this project works for me!

Cheers! :)
- alec -

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Post by Nobody »

Just wanted to say hello!

I'm a physics student and enjoying semester break at the moment. I don't think I'll find a dust grain, but I'll do my best helping you to sort out all the movies which don't contain tracks! :wink:
Unfortunately, I won't have an internet connection for the next two month, so I hope you'll leave over some pictures for me. On the other hand, maybe it's better that way - this is a little bit addictive...

Greetings, Claudia

zuben el genubi
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Hi !!!
Hi !!!
Toodeloo !!!
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Post by cosmix »

Hi there! 8)
I'm calling from Switzerland and I read in the local newspapers of this pro.
I have plenty o'time and I'm interested in spacethings generally. I'm forty and male, live near the capital o' Switzerland. So folks lets do a good job and look up for it :o ! See ya soon...

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Post by Superluminal »

Hi, I post over at the Bad Astronomy forum, now known as Bad Astronomy Universe Today, just came here to do a little dusting.

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Post by buddhabuddha »

Hi superluminal, cosmix, zuben el genubi, nobody, mississauga and cczernia. Welcome to the project and good luck dusting!

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Post by ASchillings »

Hi, I'm from Germany. I'm interested in astronomy and space science since I was a kid.

I studied physics and made my Ph.D. in solid state physics and I'm looking forward supporting the Stardust-Team with this small contribution we all can give here.

Thanks to the Team, that they give us "amateurs" this opportunity!



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Post by margadagio »

Hi everyone!

I've been having a blast. This virtual microscope brings back memories. Years ago I worked in a very busy medical laboratory. I'd spend 8 hours a day peering into a 'cope looking at urine samples.

Looking for Stardust is MUCH more appealing. :D

Marg (another crazy OFI Canadian)

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Post by sb126k »

Say yah to Canada eh?
You rang?

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Post by harviej »

Hi Community. I know nothing about these massage boards, but thought this would be a good place to start (what with the sore back and all) I joined because my Dear Mother taught me to root out dust in all its forms and since I don't dust at home (as a bachelor the dust is where things go back to), I though I'd look for dust here. Ironic that I join the day Pluto loses its status as a planet. Here's to Pluto (1930-2006).

Wow, only took us 76 years to eliminate a planet, wonder which one will be next?

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Post by light »

Hi/Hallo/Salut/Hola/Zdravo/Czesc/Ciao! :D

I'm new here. I started the searching yesterday.
I wish you all good luck!

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Post by buddhabuddha »

Hi light and harviej...and a belated hi to margadaigo and aschillings...

Welcome to the hunt...have a great time and have fun!

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Are we still having fun?

Post by jdrockster »

:shock: Now that we have several thousand movies behind us...except for those special ones that keep us in a constant state of deja-vu, are we still having fun??? I am...I seem to be averaging a "passed 1st cut" every 2k movies viewed. I have 4 now and many that have had at least 25-50 people also mark them as a potential hit. I am staying up late in Northern California, near the SETI array at Hat Creek....just dusting my little heart out! Hang in there, we will prevail!!!

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Hi from Darmstadt, Germany!


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