How fast are you ?

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How fast are you ?

just a few seconds, never more than 5 !
normally somewhere between 5 - 20 seconds !
oh well, normally some 20 or so sec. but sometimes up to 30 seconds !
I take my time, to be sure to get it right, up to several minutes !
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How fast are you ?

Post by Crystallize »

I was just wondering, the pace in which you examine the movies
of course affects how many errors you get, but still
you don't want to stare on one movie too long either.

You want to get some "job done!"

So how long does it take in average for you guys to determine
if there is a track or not in the movie.

Of course it may vary a lot depending on if it's a very gray movie with just a few dots to examine or if it a movie with lots and lots of dots.

Just a general average ?

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Post by Wolter »

I voted never more then 5. This is not quite true but the ones costing me more then 5 seconds are very rare (say one in 50) after 1000 real movies I score 99%/92% on the calib ones.
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Post by Blarrrg »

Yeah, I'm usually between 3-5 seconds, though there is the occasional movie I check for 10 or 15.

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Post by mwhiz »

minutes? hm. ok... if you feel like it i guess. just remember that there are 1.6 million movies to scan :wink:
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Post by Crystallize »

I also put between 5 - 20 sec, but I must say lately its very rarely it takes over 5 sec.

Specially as I now change screen resolution to 600x800 when I search and
change it back when I'm done, it really improved accuracy,
I haven't had any error at all for the last 4 sessions,
and it's good for the times also as you determine faster if it is a track or not ... 8)

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Post by Sagastar »

faster every day :wink:

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how fast are you

Post by tankman1972 »

normally no longer than 20 seconds, but occasionally 30 or more.

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Post by stardust1 »

I didn´t vote.
To answer that poll anyway: In a span from <1s to 1min, max. 15min (not on VM but in the forum: the last one fjgiie posted :shock: ... =6092868V1 )
in the average (full concentration over a short period): max. 100 movies (including calibs) within 10 minutes (6s each).
stats: 99.57% / 98.83% (it hit me once again - aargh!)
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Post by ToSeek »

It depends so much on the specific movie. By now, it registers almost instantly when the lower part of a movie is totally out of focus, so those are very quick. The ones at multiple levels or with a lot of stuff in them can take a lot longer (20-30 seconds), though, as I try to make sure I'm not missing something that might be hidden in the "noise."
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Post by May2904 »

Stardust team recommends spending between 5 and 20 seconds per movie. Any less that 5 seconds and I think that the person isn't paying attention

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Post by lpspieler »

I voted 20-30 secs. I was faster before, but missing some tracks in cal movies cut my sensitivity value to 90%. That made me look more thoroughly. Unless I see something track-like immediately I zip through the focus range several times concentrating on different parts of the movie.

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How to Get Fast

Post by Gael »

After viewing several thousand movies, I became frustrated with poor response time from the pc for loading the next movie. I would wait and wait. While waiting, and having plenty of time to look, I noticed that there are splash circlets, of very light , VERY light shades of grey. Concentric circles, irregular. I am observant and have a good eye. Like a stone throne into water, particles are leaving ripples as shades of grey in what we see online. Would we could see color! Very subtle ripples of grey, but there. I discovered that upon the instant of seeing the initial phase of a movie, I could evaluate presence of splash/ripples and thus a PARTICLE, and reject it or explore it. My specificity is 99.93%, and the other about 95%. I do not waste time on waiting for the next movie to fully load when I do not see the tell-tale ripple. I click No-Track and move on. I am too quick and I do press no-track if I am not fully engaged./distracted That happens. I accept it and move on, although I slap my head and yell 'D'oh!'!. By profession I am a tester. I am trained to look for in/consistencies and discrepancies in results. I am very good at what I do. This is not cheating, but something you did not expect. Someone who can instantly spot potential for a track, and who knows immediately when there is no potential - or when there IS. That's how you do it.

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Post by Mississauga »

May2904 wrote:Any less that 5 seconds and I think that the person isn't paying attention
Wanna come look over my shoulder? Your statement is arbitrary and unfounded. Some movies are that simple.
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