Survey about science and astronomy

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Survey about science and astronomy

Post by ArizonaNorse »

I am running a small survey on to find out what people think about science in general and astronomy in particular. If you would like to participate, please go to ... 9bAw_3d_3d

There are six open response survey questions.

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ArizonaNorse survey

Post by star2steerby »

I just completed your interesting survey. Thanks for the opportunity to express my thoughts about the fundemental importance of astronomy and science in general; I hope you find it useful. I'm interested to know what the survey is for...?
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Post by tareq »

My God how this survey is useful and awesome, thank you verymuch star2steerby for this great opportunity you gave us, and I will try my best to increase the participation in your survey.
And just like ArizonaNorse, I am interested to know what is it for, and how did it came to your mind to do such a survey???
Thank a million times.

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