How do I post my events (list) clickable

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How do I post my events (list) clickable

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If you would like to post movies from your list of events on the forum (clickable) but you do not know yet how it works. Here are some suggestions:

If you would like to post a movie from your list of events, you need to right-click on the movie link in your events list and then select by left-clicking “copy shortcutâ€

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fjgiie's Events Page

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A web site is better but my events are hosted by where anyone can host a file. It takes about a minute for the file to load. Scroll down and watch the seconds tick off and click where the seconds were for the file. It's quicker than your "My Events" page. :)

[edit]Found a web site for MY EVENTS which is up to date - 2 May 2007.
Click back after using the events viewer.[/edit]
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