stardust@home rss feed?

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stardust@home rss feed?

Post by silentpyjamas »

hi, vegas dipping in here. i wasn't sure where to post this but this looks like the right category. is there any chance or are there any plans of starting like an rss feed for the site or something? is that a cheezy question? i just discovered the beauty of rss feeds and how they can make it so amazingly easy to see a lot of relevant content quickly. (i'm slow to try stuff like that)

i drop by here on a pretty regular basis but i bet an rss feed would make it a little easier for everyone to keep up with news or something that crops up on the site.


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Post by PolyMath »

I've been thinking this same question, once I learned how to use RSS feeds I havn't looked back they are great.You could even have one for the general topics & one for the project specific topics.

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Post by vanz »

Agreed. An RSS feed would be way cool.

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Post by Mogwai »

Sorry to appear ignorant, but what is RSS feed?

Thanks in advance for your answers ;)

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